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Once more: Buy at first picture for your gallery, and after framework! In our gallery Art shop you can buy pictures, drawings, sculptures, Archangel Michae by Maslovworks of decorative art, posters by modern Russian and Ukrainian artists, you can order a reproduction of classical and modern pictures and frames for pictures and graphic art.
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Buy at first picture for your gallery, and after framework! Danae by KazakovWorks of modern masters of this Art Gallery have been got by many museums and collections of the world. They decorate National Galleries, the Hermitage, the Metropolitan and Russian State Museums, the Dresden Gallery and the Tretyakov Gallery, museums of St.-Petersburg, Moscow, New York, Paris, Peking, and private assemblies of the collectors, to whose numbers you can be added as well now.

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For now, many pages are in Russian only. To the images this makes no difference. Their visual language has no need for words.

Art Gallery of Galleries in Russian
Art Gallery of Galleries in Russian

Многие страницы написаны только по-русски и пока не переведены на английский.


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